Ellum Net was born in 2014 to make available high speed internet for all. Coming out of the same building where Broadcast.com and Yahoo! found success, the founders of Opus-3 were looking to build a robust, urban network that delivers quality high speed internet using the latest technologies. All at a reasonable price and with no hidden fees! Word has gotten out - Ellum Net continues to grow and expand with increasing demand for the blazing fast network built by residents, for residents.

Because we’re powered by a data center, hundreds of businesses trust the reliability of our network and the expertise of our team for their needs. We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide premiere quality, care, and attention to our customers.

Why South Dallas? We wanted to give back to the Deep Ellum community because we live and work here. We’ve become involved with local businesses and are patrons of the restaurants, shops and venues. We’re always looking for new ways to contribute, so give us a call if you have ideas!

And we are proud to support not only Dallas, but also our military community. Over 60 percent of our workforce are veterans from our country’s Armed Services. Send us an email at careers@opus-3.com if you are interested in employment opportunities.

We’re constantly looking for ways to grow and innovate, and help build a smarter community for you. That’s why we’re powered by Opus-3 Data Center and have partnered with NEX, an innovation factory focused on building IoT products to make a difference in people's lives in areas such as healthcare, food, Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, and IoT security, just to name a few.

Our address: 2914 Taylor St., Dallas, TX 75226

For more information on Opus-3, visit www.opus-3.com.

About Us


Get to know the people that shape our vision

Michelle Reese Pic

Michelle Reese Chief Executive Officer

"A ship in port is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. Sail out to sea and do new things." ~ Grace Hopper

Michelle Reese is the Chief Executive Officer of Opus-3 and serves on its Board of Directors.  Ms. Reese is leading a fundamental shift in how businesses embrace and employ key technology innovations including Ellum Net, a wholly owned subsidiary of Opus-3 and the premiere fiber high speed internet service provider for South Dallas. In her role, Ms. Reese has overall responsibility for the companies business operations, ensuring flexibility in response to an increasingly demanding marketplace. She is responsible for overseeing expansion across a robust portfolio redefining the digital experience of millions around the world.  She leverages two decades professional experience and leadership in digital technologies and is a strong advocate for women and minorities in technology. Ms. Reese holds a Bachelor of Arts from Valparaiso University and a Masters of Science in Technology Commercialization from McCombs Business School, the University of Texas at Austin.


David Herr
Chief Technology Officer

"Things are more like they are now then they have ever been before." ~ Dwight D Eisenhower

David Herr is Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Opus-3 and serves as the Chairman of its Technical Advisory Board.  In this role, Mr. Herr leads Opus-3’s long-term technology vision and mission including oversight of the technical community within Opus-3 and also both the Ellum Net high speed internet fiber and IoT networks.  He is a lifelong learner fostering a growth mindset and frequently speaks of design thinking and innovation to business people. Mr. Herr has three decades experience including entrepreneurial leadership.  Prior to founding Opus-3 and Ellum Net, Mr. Herr was the Founder of the Westlin Bunker conceived in 2001.  Prior to Westlin Bunker, Mr. Herr dedicated his career to public service, emergency and crisis management, as well as disaster recovery serving as the CIS director for Montgomery County, Texas.  Prior to his role with Montgomery County, Mr. Herr served as IT Director and also as a law enforcement officer for the City of Conroe, Texas.


Gary Byers Vice-President, Network Operations

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."  ~Thomas A. Edison

Gary Byers is the Vice-President of Network Operations at Opus-3 on a mission to make communities around the world smarter and more sustainable with innovation.  Mr. Byers is a strong advocate for encouraging greater inclusion and empowerment of people who do not have access to broadband connectivity and the opportunities it offers and enables. In particular, he is passionate about creating more opportunities for Veterans in education, employment, and entrepreneurship.  In this role, Mr. Byers is responsible for engineering, technical and network operations, and advanced services including testing and deployment of new technologies and resources to deliver innovative new products and services as well as a reliable network and customer experience.  In addition to data center, Mr Byers held operations leadership roles building advanced networks for MCI WorldCom and XO communications, to name a few.